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Cowhide Casual Racer Leather Jacket

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Schott NYC’s slim-fitting Leather Café Racer Motorcycle Jacket gives a tip of the hat to 1950s iconic jackets worn by English soldiers back from WWII. These speed-happy daredevils began “souping up” older, prewar motorbikes and racing them at top speed between local pubs and cafés. One can only imagine the wagers bet and lost during those late-night races on twisted, narrow roads. Out of this restlessness rose the need for a jacket that was durable and streamlined, and decades later that call has been answered. Schott remodeled the classic Perfecto motorcycle jacket with a minimalist contour in mind, adding a mandarin-style upright collar and designing the arms to fit tightly from shoulder to zippered cuffs. The result is a no-frills, refined look that you can take to the open road for a warm weather ride, out for a night on the town, or both. 


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